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Theiss Center for Child and Adolescent Trauma

The Theiss Center provides programs promoting the mental health and well-being of children from 6 weeks to 17 years. With the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, the Center is supported by two federal SAMHSA grants: the Complex Child & Adolescent Trauma (CCAT) and Pittsburgh Early Attachment & Relationships Projects (PEAR).


Grant Projects Supporting Our Work

Our Complex Child & Adolescent Trauma Project (CCAT) provides numerous evidence-based trauma therapies to children from infancy through adolescence, while expanding the Center's reach and impact through training and networking throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania. This work focuses on trauma and is informed through CCAT's participation in the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN).

The Pittsburgh Early Attachment & Relationships Project (PEAR) also provides evidence-based treatments to young children (ages 0-5) and training in best practices informed by current knowledge in the field to the larger early childhood workforce. The PEAR Project is also developing Infant and Early Childhood Consultation services to support other child-serving agencies, from preschools to other educational entities.